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Think you know the players that will dominate the NBA postseason? Prove it in an NBA Playoff Best Ball.

NBA Playoff Best Balls bring the best part of season long fantasy basketball – the draft – to the NBA postseason. Draft a 12 player team and you’re done. Each round of the playoffs, your top scoring players automatically start. The team with the most points at the end of the playoffs wins.

No setting your lineup.

No waivers.

No trades.

Just draft!

Players on teams that do not make the playoffs or lose in the playoffs will receive 0’s for rounds that they don’t play. Draft carefully!

  1. Duration: There are four scoring periods. Teams score points during the: First Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, and the NBA Finals.
  2. Scoring Positions: Each week your highest scoring players at these positions will count to your postseason total: 2 G, 2 F/C, and 2 FLEX (can be any position).
  3. Team Size: 12 players. Up to 6 players score each week. 6 don’t.
  4. Scoring: Just like our daily NBA drafts.
  1. Set your pre-draft rankings from the top of the lobby. Your rankings will load as the player list when you enter drafts.
  2. Choose the size (up to 8 people) and the entry fee you want. Only Fast NBA Playoff Best Balls (30 second pick clock) are available.
  3. Complete the 12 round draft.
  4. You’re done! When the playoffs starts you’ll be able to view a postseason leaderboard.

The NBA Playoff Best Ball player pool only includes players from teams that have not been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

The player pool (and players’ ADP) will be updated as teams are eliminated from the playoffs.