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Scoring Play Points
Passing Yard 0.04
Passing TD 4
Interception Thrown -1
Reception 0.5
Rushing Yard 0.1
Rushing TD 6
Receiving Yard 0.1
Receiving TD 6
Return TD 6
2-Point Conversion 2
Fumble Lost -2

Tournaments allow you to play multiple rounds of drafts over a few weeks for bigger prizes. Each round of drafts are between 2 and 12 people in size. Winners advance to the next round.

For most tournaments, the first round draft starts as drafts fill up. You are placed right into drafts and there is no waiting until a scheduled time. You may leave when filled tournaments as long as the draft you’re in hasn’t filled. For the second round and on, your drafts will be scheduled. Be sure to check tournament schedules to confirm you will be available at draft times before entering a tournament.

The first round draft of scheduled tournaments starts at a specific day and time. You cannot leave scheduled tournaments after entering. Tournament entry closes 10 minutes before the start of the first round draft.

Drafts are created randomly when the tournament fills or 10 minutes before the first round if a guaranteed draft doesn’t fill. When first round drafts are created you’ll be notified and your matchup will be available in the My Drafts tab.


Some tournaments allow you to enter more than once. The number of entries appears on the info screen next to “Max Entries”. Your additional entries will place you in different first round drafts. For future rounds, you will be placed in drafts at different start times. Example: If you win three of your first round drafts, your three 2nd round drafts will be scheduled at different start times.

If two or more of your entries reach the final draft, you will be paid out the seat equity for your extra entries. Example: In an 8-person draft tournament with a final table worth $80,000, you reach the finals with two entries. One entry will be paid out $10,000 and the finals will become a 7-person draft. Existing prize structure does not change.

Multi-Entry Tournaments allow you to do more drafts for our marquee tournaments and gives you a better opportunity at reaching the finals.

Best Ball Tournaments are each unique and come with their own set of rules. Please refer to each tournament’s event page for more information.

Only tournaments with a Guaranteed flag will run if they do not fill. If a non-guaranteed tournament doesn’t fill, it won’t run and you’ll be refunded entry.

When entry closes without the max number of entrants, DRAFT creates the most amount of drafts possible for the first round. Any leftover players are removed and refunded. The last player(s) to join the tournament are removed.

After the first round, players who would have been eliminated are ranked by finishing position and then points scored that round. The amount of players needed to fill the next round will advance as “Wildcards”. If two wildcards tie, they will use the tournament tiebreaker rules outlined here..

Example: If a 64 person H2H tournament gets to 61 people, the last person to have joined the tournament will be removed and refunded to cut the field to 60. After round 1, DRAFT will advance the 30 winners + the top two scoring 2nd place finishers will advance to create a 32 person round 2.

We feel that advancing by skill and not randomly assigning byes is a more fair way of operating an unfilled tournament.

If the number of tournament entrants is less than the round 2 participants, for example, a 64 person H2H tournament only gets 30 entrants, the first round will be removed, all entrants will automatically advance, and the remaining rounds will be moved up on the schedule.

Guaranteed tournaments with no entrants or only one unique entrant will be cancelled and the entry will be refunded.


For the full NFL Rules click here. For all other rules click here.