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DRAFT Beginners Guide

You can’t become a DRAFT pro without learning the basics. Start here and you’ll be well on your way.

We built DRAFT because we believe drafting is the best part of fantasy sports. Why limit that fun to once a year? Our goal is to bring you snake draft excitement anytime, anywhere.

  1. CHOOSE YOUR SPORT: In the lobby, choose which sport you would like to view drafts for. The first tab shows you a sample of our most popular drafts.

  2. CHOOSE YOUR DRAFT SIZE: DRAFT offers 2–12 player snake drafts. Smaller drafts are quicker and only the top players are drafted. Larger ones offer a deeper drafting experience and bigger prize pools.

  3. ENTER THE DRAFT: Once you have picked the right sport, size, and entry fee, enter the draft by selecting it and then clicking ENTER.

    • Pick Clock: You have 30 seconds to make your picks.
    • Roster: You draft 5 players in all daily and weekly snake drafts. This means they are 5 round drafts.
    • Scoring: Scoring is simple. NFL is .5 PPR. To learn more about scoring and more, view our per-sport rules.
    • Set pre-draft rankings: Before you join a draft, it’s a good idea to create custom pre-rankings. This appears at the top of the screen right before the drafts. Setting pre-rankings protects you from drafting a player that you don’t want, plus it makes it easier to set up your queue.
    • Use your queue: Clicking the star next to a players name adds them to your queue. This is a good way to organize the players you want on your team. If the clock runs out when you’re drafting, we will first auto-pick from your queue, then rankings, and finally the highest projected player.
    • Do your research: Clicking a player will give you info on their last three games, average points, projection, injury status, and recent news.

DRAFT isn’t just about daily and weekly snake drafts…

H2H Tournaments: Enter a single elimination H2H tournament. Win and move on to win bigger prizes.

Dream Team: Build a team of the best five players and compete against others. No salary caps. No pick clock. Just pick the five best players.

We recommend starting with a $1 Beginner H2H or jumping in a 6-person draft. Good luck!