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DRAFT needs your location to determine you are in a state that can deposit and play for money. If you are having trouble with location, please read the relevant guide below. If you are still having trouble please contact support.

In your phone’s settings you must have location services turned on. Once that’s on, you need to make sure location is on for the DRAFT app specifically by going to your device’s settings:


Turn on “While using the app”:


If you’re having issues with location, it’s usually because your location services are not on or their accuracy isn’t high enough.

First you will want to make sure your global location and GPS is on. This varies by device, but can be accessed from the top dashboard or inside your phone’s settings:


Once that’s on, try depositing again and you should be prompted with a modal to allow location in DRAFT:


If you’re still having trouble with location go to the DRAFT app in your phone’s settings:


Then select permissions: DRAFT-Select-Permissions

And confirm location permission is on: DRAFT-Location-On

Start by going to your Chrome settings: Chrome-Settings

Go to content settings: Chrome-Content-Settings

Select Location: Chrome-Location-Settings

Then confirm isn’t in your blocked locations. Reload after completing these steps.

Location for Safari is done from your Mac’s privacy system preferences menu: Safari-System-Privacy-Preferences

Confirm you have location services checked overall and for Safari. Next you’ll need to make sure Safari is prompting you when a website needs location by going to Safari preferences: Safari-Browser-Privacy-Preferences

Refresh and go to make a deposit. You should be prompted to allow location access.

While you’re on, access page info: Firefox-Page-Info

Make sure Access Your Location is turned on: Firefox-Turn-On-Location