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Scoring Play (Forwards and Defensemen) Points
Goal 12
Assist 8
Power Play Point 1
Shot On Goal 2
Hit 1
Blocked Shot 1
Scoring Play (Goalies) Points
Goalie Win 16
Save 1
Goal Against -5

Note: No points are scored during shootouts.

In order for a player to be swap eligible, they must have had an active status at the time you drafted them which then changed to an inactive status.

Goalie Active Statuses: Probable Starter and Starting Goalie.

Goalie Inactive Statuses: Out of Lineup and Postponed.

Skaters only become swappable at the time line information is released.

Skater Active Statuses: Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, or Line 4.

Skater Inactive Statuses: Out of Lineup and Postponed.

When you have a swap eligible player, you’ll be notified via push notification. Click swap on the completed or live screen next to that player and you will be able to select from all undrafted players. For round drafts, players drafted in previous rounds are considered drafted.

When swapping players, the positions must match and the swap must be completed before the start of the game in which the player is playing. All swaps are final.

We use the most advanced injury news feed to determine player status. These feeds are subject to inaccuracies and delays that may affect your ability to swap a player. All player statuses and the ability to swap are as is. Sometimes a status can change throughout the day. If a player becomes swap eligible and ruled out but then changed back to questionable, he is no longer swap eligible.

Example 1: You draft Henrik Lundqvist when he has a probable starter status. He doesn’t take part in the morning skate and he is marked Out of Lineup. He is swappable.

Example 2: You draft Henrik Lundqvist when he has no status. He cannot be swapped.

Example 3: You draft Henrik Lundqvist when he is Probable Starter. His status is changed to Out of Lineup. You don’t swap him and his status changes to Starting Goalie. He can no longer be swapped.

Example 4: You draft Brent Burns when he has no status. Lines come out and he is marked Out of Lineup. He will become swappable.

Players also become swap eligible if their game is postponed. Once the game is officially postponed, all players from that game may be replaced with undrafted players from games that have not yet started.

If the postponed game is played on the same day then you will receive points for your players in those games as normal. If a game is postponed to a later date or called off for any reason, any players from that game who remain in your lineup will receive zero points. Drafts that are scheduled to include games from multiple days, such as some playoff drafts, will receive points for any games that are played no later than the day of the last game scheduled as part of the draft. If game cancellations and/or postponements mean there would only be one game included in a game slate, then the drafts will be cancelled and all entry fees will be refunded. NOTE: A game will be considered to be ‘played’ on a given day if it begins on that day and is completed no later than 6am Eastern on the following day.

A game is considered suspended if it is unfinished, but to be completed in the future. At a minimum, the statistics compiled prior to the end of the games slate will count towards your teams points. If the game is suspended until a future date, points accumulated in the remainder of the game will not count towards your teams score. For any drafts that are scheduled to include games from multiple days, such as some playoff drafts, you will receive the remaining points for the any games that are completed no later than the day of the last game scheduled as part of the draft.

Your roster must be composed of players from at least two different teams.

Sometimes, if there is only one NHL game on a day, we will allow you to draft for that game and one or more games the following day. This usually happens during playoff rounds where there are fewer games. Please be aware that you are drafting players from multiple days.

Live scoring and projections are strictly for your enjoyment. We wait for official scoring to be complete before we close drafts, complete payouts, and move the drafts to results.