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With Best Ball you only focus on the best part of season long fantasy hockey, the draft. Draft a 16 player team and you’re done. Each week, your top scoring players automatically start and will count toward your season total. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins.

No setting your lineup.

No waivers.

No trades.

Just draft! It’s the easiest way to play season long fantasy hockey.

Duration: Teams score points on a weekly basis. There are 9 scoring weeks, mostly running Monday-Sunday:

  1. 02/04 - 02/10
  2. 02/11 - 02/17
  3. 02/18 - 02/24
  4. 02/25 - 03/03
  5. 03/04 - 03/10
  6. 03/11 - 03/17
  7. 03/18 - 03/24
  8. 03/25 - 03/31
  9. 04/01 - 04/06

Scoring Positions: Each week your highest scoring players at these positions will count to your season total: 2 D, 2 C, 3 W, 1 FLEX (your highest scoring player that isn’t already scoring).

You do not draft Goalies in NHL Best Ball.

Team Size: 16 players. 8 players score each week. 8 don’t.


Scoring Play (Forwards and Defensemen) Points
Goal 12
Assist 8
Shorthanded Goal Bonus 8
Shorthanded Assist Bonus 6
Shot On Goal 2
Hit 2

Note: No points are scored during shootouts.

Drafting: You must draft at least 2 D, 2 C, and 3 W.

Slow Best Ball drafts will give you more time to pick between the hours of 2AM and 5AM EST. This is designed to protect you against auto-picks during nighttime hours.

Example 1: If you go on the clock at 10PM EST, your pick clock will be 11 hours (Add 3 hours between 2AM and 5AM) and you will be auto-picked at 9AM EST.

Example 2: If you go on the clock at 3AM EST, your pick clock will be 10 hours (Add two hours for the time between 3AM and 5AM) and will be auto-picked at 1PM EST.

NHL Slow Best Ball drafts will speed up according to this schedule for the slate closing Mon 2/4 at 7pm ET:

Tues, 1/22: Pick clock changes to 4 hours. Pause extends to 2am to 8am ET.

Tues, 1/29: Pick clock changes to 1 hour. Pause extends to 12am to 10am ET.

Sun, 2/3 at 7 pm: Pick clock changes to 2 minutes. Pause is removed.

  1. Set your pre-draft rankings from the top of the lobby. This is especially important with a pick clock of 30 seconds. Your rankings will load as the player list when you enter drafts.
  2. Choose between a fast or slow pick clock and enter a draft.
    1. Fast (30 second pick clock): Drafts take just over 1 hour on average.
    2. Slow (8 hour pick clock): Drafts span many days.
  3. Complete the 16 round draft.
  4. You’re done! When the season starts you’ll be able to view a season long leaderboard.

Players’ scores count for the scoring week that the game is played. If a game is postponed from 2/21 to 3/14, players’ points will count towards the scoring week that includes 3/14.

Stat corrections for a given scoring week are applied five days after that scoring week ends.