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Scoring Play (Forwards and Defensemen) Points
Goal 12
Assist 8
Shorthanded Goal Bonus 8
Shorthanded Assist Bonus 6
Shot On Goal 2
Hit 2
Scoring Play (Goalies) Points
Goalie Win 12
Save 0.5
0 Goals Against 12
1 Goal Against 8
2 Goals Against 4
3 Goals Against 0
4 Goals Against -3
5+ Goals Against -6

Note: No points are scored during shootouts.

You select any 5 players that you think will score the most points. There are no salary caps or monetary restrictions on player selections. Players are not removed from the player pool if another user selects them.

You’ll compete against other opponents and their dream teams to score the most points. Payouts depend on entry fee and contest size.

Your lineup is not entered until you press submit.

You may edit your dream team lineup up until the first game is scheduled to begin. At this time your lineup is final and you will not be able to swap inactive players.

No player can enter more than one lineup into any given dream team draft.


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