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Scoring Play (Forwards and Defensemen) Points
Goal 12
Assist 8
Shorthanded Goal Bonus 8
Shorthanded Assist Bonus 6
Shot On Goal 2
Hit 2
Scoring Play (Goalies) Points
Goalie Win 12
Save 0.5
0 Goals Against 12
1 Goal Against 8
2 Goals Against 4
3 Goals Against 0
4 Goals Against -3
5+ Goals Against -6

Note: No points are scored during shootouts.

Our most popular game type is 2 to 12 person snake drafts. Snake means that the pick order is reversed each round. If you have the 1st pick in round 1, you will have the last pick in round 2 and the first pick in round 3.

Most commonly drafts will start when filled. For example a 6 person draft will start right when the 6th person joins.

If there is a scheduled start time, the time will be listed in the title of the draft in the lobby, and on the Summary tab of that draft.

The draft pick order is randomly generated when the draft is filled. There are no other factors that affect the order of a draft.

When it’s your pick and the clock expires, a player will be auto-picked for you. Your auto-pick will be determined according to our standard auto-pick rules.


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