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Your queue is a space within a draft where you can save players to keep an eye on and rank players for protection against an auto-pick you didn’t want. If your queue is empty, we’ll follow your auto-pick selection rules to select your next player.

Use pre-draft rankings to build a custom list of players for a given game slate. Once you save your rankings, they will be loaded as the default player list inside of drafts for that sport and set of games.

There are three ways that an auto-pick can take place:

  1. You run out of time while you’re on the clock.
  2. You put yourself in auto-pick mode from within a draft by turning on the toggle at the top right of the screen.
  3. You auto-entered a draft and did not explicitly toggle auto-pick mode off.

In both cases, your auto-pick will be determined in this order:

  1. The top active player in your queue will be your auto-pick.
  2. If there aren’t any active players in your queue, then the next highest ranked player in your pre-draft rankings will be your auto-pick.
  3. If there aren’t any active players in your queue and you do not have any players remaining in your pre-draft rankings, then the player with the highest projected point total at a position you haven’t filled will be your auto-pick.

*Note: Inactive players will not be auto-picked. They will be skipped over for queue, rankings, and projection auto-picks. This is to protect players from auto-drafting a player they won’t be able to be swap and is expected to receive 0 points. Inactive player statuses differ by sport. Visit the sport specific rules to learn more.

There are no inactive players for Best Ball. See Best Ball for specific information on Best Ball auto-pick rules.

In head-to-head drafts, when auto-picking from pre-draft rankings and projections, we first try to select players who play a position your opponents have not filled. If all opponents have filled this position, this means this player will still be available later on, so the optimal strategy is to draft for other positions first. This ‘intelligence’ is not currently built into auto-pick for drafts with three or more participants.

Auto-Enter allows you to use your pre-draft rankings to enter multiple drafts at once in an automated fashion. Players use auto-entry to do 100+ drafts a night without having to manually choose each player.

In Head to Head drafts, you will never face the same opponent twice at a given dollar amount.

Multiplayer drafts do not have matching rules/restrictions.

Notifications for drafts you auto-enter will be muted.

If auto-entered drafts do not fill in time, you will be refunded the full entry amount for each unfilled draft.